Our Solutions


Inclusive Features

  • Broadcast Emailer
  • Report Wizard
  • Program Builder/Event Scheduler
  • Attendee Online Itinerary Builder
  • Acceptance Forms
  • Complete Reviewer Management


Speakers’ Corner (Acceptance Forms)
This convenient module allows Presenting Authors to confirm their participation in the conference without involving a hailstorm of emails from administrators.  Additional valuable information such as abstract corrections, A/V needs, material upload (handouts, biographies or presentations) can also be collected here.   

Conference Agenda Scheduler
The perfect tool to create your entire conference agenda. Easy to manage from anywhere, it is ideal for working alone or for taking a collaborative approach to program enhancement.

Abstracts Online
Publish the accepted abstracts online for your membership to view at any time they wish. One World’s Abstract System will automatically create a website of indexed, formatted abstracts, perfect for easy browsing with quick search for author names or abstract content.

Itinerary Agenda Builder
The Itinerary Builder is a client branded web page where conference attendees search the program for sessions or presentations of special interest to them, and build a personal agenda to better plan their conference experience.

Review – Program Chair & Deputy Chair Review Tiers
For many organizations the review process can be challenging because it involves the highest number of active participants. The multi-tier review component of the One World system makes it easy to manage any number of reviewer accounts on a two tier system where a manager can see all reviews by regular reviewers, with the appropriate analytics and tools.   

Symposium/Workshop Invitational
If you collect panels of speakers, this will ensure the presenters submit to the correct one so the administrator isn’t left hanging with lost symposium parts.  This system allows the moderator to enter the system and invite his panelists.  Automatic emails go out to each one and then they can submit to that particular symposia. 

Mobile App
Mobile Apps are the standard for providing information, abstract proceedings, and venue information to conference attendees. We are ideally suited to integrate your data directly into the palms of your membership!

Presentation Management
As our name implies, One World Presentation Management specializes in working with the end result of abstract submissions, i.e., presentations. This is why we can truly claim to know this business backwards and forwards! We provide the full range of onsite services such as audio visual m management, audience response systems.

Presentation Recording
Record your presentations for the internet. Integrate video of the speaker and branded conference identity. Stream live and host for worldwide streaming content for all devices.


Use the One World Presentation Management Ltd. guide for planning your next conference program.